Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the FBI: Fat Brady Idiot..

Please beware of this big-tummy old man Brady..

Since we put up our blog last year and revealed the unethical act of Brady the Old Man and his bogus institute, we received many e-mails from the readers inquiring about this old man. Most of them are the victims of this clown and the bogus institute.

He acts like a professional hypnotist.. but behaves like a dog.. (that's why he called himself a watch dog in his website..)

He provides low quality courses.. that's why he needs to cut down the price and do cheap promotion.. (just spend some money to enroll on his course then you will know what we meant..)

He is a liar.. of course we the victims all knowing that.. that's why this blog is putting up..

He loves money.. that's why all his cases mentioned in his so-called 'customer-alert' page are related to money.. (you don't give me money, then your name is up.. that's what he used to threat us..)

He likes to cheat.. That's why he always say he has good connection with FBI.. (Fat Brady Idiot..)



  1. ya.. he is a fucker..!!!

  2. I am back to look for more people of fraudulence. I am becoming more aggressive in search of "godmen" and other cheats. Some people said it is none of my business. Certainly none of anyone's business until they are deceived. We are here to warn and advise people, educate them along the way, it is still up to their own will to take it or leave it. It does not harm to first fully understand and only then act.

    Undoubtedly there are people who consider us jeopardising the business of others, or even trying to bring the person down to feel great. As mentioned, it is easy to say "none of your business" when it is not you, until it happens to you that your set of beliefs will be changed entirely. If the cut is not on you it is easy for you to say painless.

    We all have had our lessons. We paid to learn a lesson and not paid for a lesson. A lesson of knowing what is all about "quick" courses as such. They are indeed very good to increase our knowledge but never really be recognised by any organisations. It is the similar to a certificate that solely states that you attended a certain course. Valueless piece of paper. It is a certificate for desperate people or for people who have no better qualifications.

    I must agree that that "Brady" person is certainly the most dangerous human on Earth I have yet to meet. I can only hope that I am never to meet another person like him for I do not have that sort of money to freely "donate" to them. Such donation is worthless. I do not encourage crime indirectly or directly.

    I filed complaints to Better Bureau Business (BBB) and other organisations in the USA. Fortunately BBB have "Brady" recorded down. Unfortunately, that man has more than one name, and sadly there is only one complaint made. Not enough for the enforcement to carry out their investigation.

    If we are serious then we must do it the proper way. It is of very little use to complain by mouth or by blog because this will not be bothered by organisations that handle fraud. They are more interested in entertaining those who move towards them, rather than they actively search the Internet for issues and crime to resolve. The best way is to lodge complaints against "Brady" to the appropriate organisations of his poor behaviour and cheat.

    Somehow most of us prefer to write an assay of dissatisfaction or talk about it to release frustration, and not actually serious enough to seriously do something about it so as not to let those "to-be-victomised" victimised by "Brady" and send that man to face the law. I wish I had people to warn me not to waste money and time on that master of all criminals.