Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deal or Not Deal..?????

On March 18, the old man wrote an email to us again:

I know this will disappoint you as you are convinced I am a bad guy, but I will make you a deal, one time only. You take down the blog of lies and go away and I do mean go away and I will remove the information about you on our internet site. Its a win win as its going to come down anyway in a few weeks and you get your information removed now, so its a win win, a good settlement all the way around as it will show the authorities that you acted in good faith. You have 48 hours to decide. Copy: FileFBI

Of course we did not respond to his non-sense request.
Today is March 31. It is almost 288 hours after we received the email from this psychotic liar. And our blog is still here :)
Again.. We have proven that BRADY is a great liar..
All the information in this blog were gathered from the victims of Brady.. We are the consumers.. These are all about the truth..!!!
Why was he so concerned about our blog and offered us "A DEAL" if he has not done anything wrong....?????