Monday, February 9, 2009

Brady's Unethical Act..

AGAIN.. BRADY threatened us...!!!

After we revealed his unethical acts on our blog, he was very scared and tried to threaten us again. He sent three (3) emails to threaten us on 8 February and 9 February 09. The emails as follow:
On 8 February 2009, he wrote:

You have 48 hours to remove all mention of us or we will post ALL of your personal information on our consumer page for the whole world to see. Either way your attempt at hurting us will be removed off the internet by next week. Your choice, but remember your personal information will stay up for 7 years if you do not remove the garbage within 48 hours! Nice try.
We refused!! Because we want to reveal his unethical acts!! So he threatened us again with his second email on 9 February 2009:
You show your ignorance! Have fun!!!
Ya, we ignored him!!
Then he followed with his 3rd email on the same day on 9 February 2009:
You only have until the end of today to remove your garbage of lies from the internet before we list all your information on all of our sites. We will also put up a web site like the one you put up. We will also do a blog that you can not access just like the phony one you put up. Please go to our Consumer page as we have updated it today. This is a war you can not win, as the FBI will get to you as its all illegal to do what you have done. Its only a matter of time, haven't you heard crime does not pay.

(we can forward his email to anyone who is interested to view it!!!)

See how he had threatened us!! He made false accusations on his solo Consumer Alert Page, but he assumed his accusations were LEGAL and NOT A CRIME!! And he threarened us with FBI!!!

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