Saturday, January 24, 2009

The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards

Beware of this BOGUS institute!!!

Do not get confused with the name!! "The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards" is not an accredited board, but just a small little house situated in Florida and run by an un-professional, un-ethical, stubborn old clown named Brady. This "Board" provides low quality home-study courses in Hypnosis.

This is the picture shown on the top of their website. But this is not their building!! (obviously they just want to mislead the students and public!!).

The so-called "National Board" is actually a little house situated in Florida.

Brady claimed that his institute is the best hypnosis school in the US, because the school has 11 directors, including an ex-college dean (from where? get expelled from previous job?) and an ex-police man (is a school considered the best if having an ex-policeman as a director?). However, the real fact is, 10 out of the 11 directors are all sleeping directors with no true power at all. Brady (the chief director = dictator) makes the decisions based on his wishes for most of the things without any discussions with the other sleeping directors.

This is Brady the Clown. He holds an un-accredited PhD from a Diploma Mill. He is the Dictator of The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards (NBPES). He is an internationally well-known liar and famous with his money-orientated business plan. He likes to make false accusations towards the others just for his own benefits, and to those who are not willing to follow his will. (You can read his false accusations in his website). He claimed that his "Board" is acting as a "Watchdog Agency", but he himself acts like a dog..!

In his website, he wrote: The National Board, setting standards worldwide..

Who is this bloody Brady to set the standards for the world..??? He set the so-called "Worldwide Standards" according to his money-orientated mind, and dictate the Board as he likes. He has caused so much embarrassment to this profession and to the country. He should be ashamed of his unethical behavior..!!

The home-study courses provided are very simple and superficial, although he labeled his courses with grand name like "Advance Certification", "Master Certification". All course materials are "home-made", printed with bubble jet printer with comb-binding. There is only one course material (i.e. one home-made book) for each course. Contents are written in simple words and cover only general topics which you may easily found from the internet.

In their website, they claimed "YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE: If you are not completely satisfied with any of our courses for any reason, return it within 10 days for a complete refund." This statement is the biggest lie given by Brady the Clown. He will give you a lot of stupid excuses and reasons, makes false accusation back to you, and finally he swallows all your money. Brady is a liar! Brady is a pirate!

Let's look at his website again, he claimed: "We at the National Board have never been sued or had any City, County, State or Country stop any of our members from practicing. We also are the only ones who can claim, no complaints on file." However, on the same page, he mentioned about being complaint and sued by somebody (case #4).. Brady, are you talking cock? Are you having dementia or Alzheimer's disease..???

Now, let's see his false accusations to the others in his website. He mentioned: "Be careful, if they do not have a board of directors, a toll free phone line, offer continuing education, free support, proper memberships/affiliations, an acceptable return policy, a good guarantee and a physical address; it is a sure bet you will be taken for your money. Beware of anyone wanting to teach you a one session cure all, or a videotaped course. The bad part is there is nothing you can do about it once you have purchased. Check out their return policy, accreditation's and gurantee first!!"..

Again, he spoke without using his brain..:
  • What is the difference if having a board of SLEEPING directors??

  • There are so many TOP universities in this world without a toll free phone line..!!

  • Brady's "Board" is affiliated to some "one-man-show" associations from other countries..!! (please check in his website!!)

  • Besides accusations, lies, and harsh words, Brady never refund, never gives support, and never talk about continuing educations!!

  • Physical address..?? By showing a BIG building which is not belongs to him on the top of his website..??

  • Ya, everyone should check Brady's and NBPES background, accreditation, return policy first, because there is nothing you can do about it once you have purchased the low quality courses from this Clown.
Most of the students complaint about the school's poor services and poor student support. If you have any problems in the study, there is no assistance available. Upon received your money, he will forget what he had promised to you earlier. You have no right to give any suggestions or request for any improvement, because he will give you all the harsh words. Of course, you will never get your money back!!

Brady hell!!


  1. Brady is a liar..!!

  2. I was one of the satellite operators and has been actively promoting NBPES in my country since I bought the exclusive right from Brady. He never gave me any support after I paid the royalty fee to him about 4 years ago.

    However, when I have succeed in my effort in building up the name of NBPES in my country, Brady suddenly wrote to me in April last year and mentioned that he has received 'complaints' from my students and wanted to terminate my right for running the satellite office.

    I wrote to him and asked for details but he kept insisting that he has proof from 'many students' that I have collected membership fee from them and did not paid to him accordingly. The real fact is I have never collected any fee from my students but have merely recommended them to sign up with NBPES if they wished to do so after being certified by my center.

    He then wrote to me and wanted me to pay him immediately. I asked him when has he ever informing me of my responsibility of collecting fee on his behalf. Soon after he rushed to me an agreement stipulating on this condition BUT backdated to the day when I took up the satellite office four years ago and wanted me to sign on it.

    I refused to do so!

    That is when he started to fabricate emails from various 'parties' from NBPES and sending threats to me. I refuse to heed to his threats.

    He then threaten me, unless I pay him the amount he demanded, he would put my name in Customer Alert.

    I would like to make the following clarifications:-

    1) I have never collect any fee from my students;
    2) NBPES has never give me any agreement stipulating on my 'responsibility' of collecting the said fee from my students before;
    3) My PhD is not from NBPES;
    4) All the accusations make by this Brady are baseless;
    5) NBPES is a business organization instead of educational institute and is owned, run and control by Brady;
    6) NBPES has NO right to be the so called 'watch dog' for the industry as Brady is a liar and unethical person;
    7) All the 'directors' (if they are, in fact, real) are puppets and control by Brady; and
    8)I have since stopped my association with NBPES/Brady.

    I am willing to support any action against Brady as I strongly believe that Brady is a dangerous person that should be stopped as soon as possible.

    Anyone who wishes to know more can write to me directly.

  3. thank you so much MO for creating such a excellent blog. i'm one of the victims of this old monkey brady. he used to make false accusations on his 'consumer alert' page, and threatened us with this dirty way. it's the time for us to stand together and reveal his unethical behavior..!!

  4. Brady is a shark..!!!

  5. Dear Jessica, Alicia, and Christopher,

    Thank you for all your support to reveal the unethical acts of Brady the Clown, the Shark, the Parasite..

    You may support us in the following ways:

    1. Leave your comments in our blog. Share with us your experience with NBPES, and how was Brady threatened you (to let the readers know about the TRUTH, and reveal the false accusations made by Brady in his website (Customer Alert Page).

    2. Spread this blog to anyone that you know of. Hopefully we can gather all the 'victims' around the world, and have their comments on this blog. Working together will strengthen the power of our voices. Brady misused the internet to make false accusations for his own profit, but we utilize the internet to reveal the TRUTH.

    3. Let Brady knows about our existence. What he can do, we also can do.

    Again, thanks for your kind support to fight against the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards.

  6. You speak our minds out. I have had been fighting for my rights. I sent complaints to all of the agencies in Florida including FBI. A few positive results.

    You are correct, we never get our money back. Thanks to all his bogus and criminal claims and more claims. The next time I will consider whether or not to go towards Small Claim Court or the main one. Money will be spent on those, so I must think hard and long. If reasonable and possible to show that he is not too bright, I am more willing to "save the world", so to speak. So many of us have been talking so much, but none actually do something about it.

    Who are you anyway? No email? How are we suppose to help you and ourselves to go against that magalomaniac? I have made NBPES 1 record at BBB and DOACS. So anyone who feels they are victimised, please do the same. SPEAK LOUDLY! MORE NOISES! PEOPLE POWER! The problem that jerk is still there because too few noises for any authority to do anything.

    "Brady" or whoever that parasite is, is more than a jerk, idiot, pirate, hell, etc,etc. He is father of all lowly worm. That is the reason why "it" needs attention and suck energy from other hosts. If he has the substance, he does not need to hide. Come out of "its" shell and do talks, let us see "its" repugnant visage. Very clever retarded animal, ironically.

  7. I just now noticed and read the "3 emails" he sent to you.

    As mentioned, Brady's bark is very loud but he does not bite. His threats are from Utopia.

    Time and again, he is the one who is ignorant. He sees "war" when no body here ever mentions about "war". That is the reason why I said he is a "megalomaniac". All he wants is to "win". He wants to win with his unethical and rude behaviour.

    He thinks we do not know what is "FBI" and how they work. He thinks he knows so much about the "law" when he made his own "rules". The rules he made to protect himself. If he knew so much about the law, he should have known that all of what we signed (agreement) will not be valid as he has committed crime. Evidence overrules crime. A crime is a crime no matter what crime it is.

    As ignorant as he can be. To state the obvious, not only does he have insignificant knowledge about things, but also he misuses the word "legal". As long as ANY documents are NOT signed mutually and have no official stamp(stamp duty), they remain a piece of paper full of nonsense. Great for threatening people, but still a nonsense. Brady thinks documents with stamp duty are invalid and illegal, while all his "signed documents" without stamp duty have regal power and carry weight.

    It is brilliant if he could access to the FBI and get them to us!!! I will be the first one to thank him for his wise action. Assisting us to speed up the entire process to put an end to his career in cheating and abusing and above all, committing crime. I will shake his hand if he will appear in the court. I will pat him on his back and admire his valour if he will live in jail for the rest of his life. By that time, he has certainly won his war in which he craved. Every soldier needs to retire after a war, so does Brady. Come, let us help him to obtain an early retirement. We don't want him to work too hard, do we?

  8. Dear MO,

    I do not really understand what he wrote "We will also do a blog that you can not access just like the phony one you put up".

    My question is, if "you" cannot access to that blog, then who can? Needs password and username? Who will bother to ask for password should it be troublesome? Why bother to mention and put up a blog or whatever he said in the first place if the public cannot access?

    And he talks about "crime". A criminal who commits crime telling others to stop committing crimes. That reminds of the story of father crab teaching baby crab to walk straight while father crab cannot even show good examples.

    Brady's foolishness is active for 24/7. Like the usual and predictable, the man does not know what he is talking about and does not analyse. Lashing with his emotions expressing using his elbows and knees rather than his brain. Very unintelligent. So powerless.

  9. From the way he behaves, it is possible that he suffered from BPD. He is an acting out-high funtioning BP, in my opinion.

    But that does not matter. A crime is a crime whether he/she has mental disorder or not. As if I deliberately slashed you with a knife and hoped you would not mind because I had seizure for two seconds while cutting an apple.

    Please, do not let him get away with that. A very dangerous man that he is. Eliminated the ostrich approach and deal with him. Reclaim your freedom and rights from that old criminal. Reclaim what is rightfully yours.

  10. Brady is a liar..!!